A New Start


So- I begin my blogging adventure! Tumblr just wasn’t cutting it for me, I think maybe it was because it was so focused on other peoples material, that when you posted your own thoughts it became lost in the crowd or subject to hate. So I’m starting over, even if no one is reading, at least I have a collection of everything that is mine.

I guess I should introduce myself in case anyone does stumble upon this.

My name is Iiae. I’m made up of so many things, so I’ll just make a list of who I am and what I love.

I’m 18

I’m open-minded

I’m a writer

I’m a lover

I love cats

I’m lesbian

I’m winning the battle of self-hate and self-harm

I’m in love with Florence + The Machine

I’m part of Veronica’s Kissing Army

I love Rizzoli & Isles

^ Also the Vampire Diaries

I love music

I smile at strangers

I leave sticky notes with positive messages in strange places

I’m working on joining the Air Force

I love school

One day I will move to New York City

I reach out to people

I work to better myself

I forgive

I try new things

I like to be different

I dye my hair red

I have two tattoos

I’ve done crazy things

I like making people laugh

I love being me.


Now that you know random things about me, I hope you’ll stick with me. I’m going to blog about my past, present, and what I hope to achieve. This will be a collection of my adventures and thoughts. This will be me.




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