Photo Shoots and Cemeteries

I went to a cemetery with a friend and her daughter who is my age, and we had a photo shoot. It was amazing, we were out there about 2 1/2 hours and did a few outfit changes. Image




Air Force Part 1 – Decision making

I think it’s time for a bit more of a personal post, so here it goes.

I mentioned before that I’m intending to join the Air Force, so I’m going to blog a bit about that decision- and as my journey with that unfolds I’ll be writing about it. I know when I first started looking into the Air Force and joining it I was trying to find peoples experiences about it that weren’t just question/answers on the AF site. It’s better when you hear it from someone going through it or in the process of going through it. So maybe someone like me will stumble upon this blog and get some answers.

I never saw myself joining the military growing up. My dad was in the army before I was born, and most of my family has been military- pretty much every branch. But being lesbian and feminist and not liking to take orders the military was pretty much out of the question. But then I got older and I started going to college and I realized how expensive it was, and how my parents couldn’t afford it. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed. I got a hunger to do something with my life and make something of myself.

It wasn’t until October of last year when my life was getting a little out of hand and my parents called me out on it that I sat down and asked myself- What am I going to do with my life? I was 17 and I needed to figure my shit out. So I started looking into the Air Force (given, my dad did push me in that direction a bit). It has a bunch of job opportunities, most that transfer into the real world afterwords. You can get college paid for, you get health insurance and a steady job, a place to live, the option to travel, and a bunch of other benefits- even if you’re only staying in the minimum of 4 years. If you make Air Force a career those benefits double. 

College paid for? A purpose? Travel? It seemed like a good decision. 

Now, I’m the type of person that once I decide something I do it. I don’t like taking back my word, I don’t like thinking about something forever. If i want to do something I do it and I want to do it right away. So the next day I was calling recruiters, trying to set up a meeting. I was online looking at every site, every forum, every video. I wanted to get an idea what I was getting into. 

Within a week I met with my recruiter for the first time and we started going over what I would need to do to join, what it would be like, and answering any questions. So I took home some papers and started doing my homework – which was looking at the jobs and making a list of the ones I was interested in. 

-Part 1. I’ll write more about the joining process in another blog 


Carnival of Madness

A little after the fact- but I went to Carnival of Madness on 7/31 at Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield IL. 

So, it’s time to review it and post pictures!

I got there around 12:30 and went into the venue and sat around, since the doors didn’t open until 4:30

ImageThere wasn’t too many people ahead of me- maybe 7 or so, but the shitty thing about that venue is there are two doors, and they open BOTH. Which makes it pretty unfair and hard to get to the front, even if you were there hours in advance.

Anyway, a little after 4:30 we were let into a big area but still kept away from the stage by a big curtain and separated into 4 lines. I took this chance to run to the bathroom while the people I was standing by held my place. So we all stood around a chat for a little while and realized at the front of our line was a woman in a wheelchair, so we were complaining to each other saying we would probably be held up by her and stuck behind her. Well it turns out that it actually did us a favor, because they let her in first- followed by a woman on oxygen – and then let our line in before the other 3. So I booked it to the stage and got to the barrier in the perfect spot at front!

(You can see my face pretty clear in the official picture- which is badass!) 


Anyway, New Medicine came on first and they were alright, followed by Cavo. I didn’t know either of them so I was just anxious for them to get off stage for Halestorm- which I did know and loved.

Halestorm came on and killed it! Lzzy was badass and kept coming really close to where I was standing. While on her knees singing Familiar Taste of Poison so looked right at me and smiled, holding eye contact for a few seconds. It was amazing




I also got Lzzy’s guitar pick when she threw it out to the crowd. It bounced right off the barrier in front of me and the security guard picked it up and handed it to me- knowing that I was a huge Halestorm fan. The drummer also tossed his drumstick and it bounced out of my hand and the security guard picked it up and stuck it in his pocket- wanting to keep it. The drummer saw and started pointing at me (I think because he was trying to give it to me) but I let the lady next to me have it. Later on as they finished he ran up to the stage to hold the front rows hands and gripped my hand and held it for a few seconds.

Halestorm put on a REALLY good show, they did not dissapoint at all. I would go see them again in a heartbeat. 

After Halestorm came Chevelle. I knew them of course, but I’m not a fan really. And since they were the last act before Evanescence I really just wanted them to hurry up and get off stage. But I did get some good pics



(^ He actually accidentally kicked me in the shoulder he got so close)

Then finally it was time for Evanescence! This was my 4th time seeing them live (the second time seeing them since the release of the new album) It was AMAZING. I have to say, Amy has only gotten better with time, and the album alone does not do the songs justice. Experiencing them live and the emotion she puts in them is WAY better and not evident in the album. Live shows add so much more depth to the songs and the album. 

She continually kept coming over to my part of the stage, which was pretty awesome. She looked amazing and was covered in glitter, it was mesmerizing. The only bad part was the piano parts because the piano was facing towards me- which meant I couldn’t see Amy while she played. 





I have a bunch more pictures, but they’d take forever to load. Anyway, they also played Disappear for the first time live and it’s my favorite song off of the new album, so I of course freaked out. It was AMAZING live.  At the end she ran out and smacked some of the crowds hands- one of them being mine. Then I leaned over to the security guard, whom I’d talked to in between sets, and asked him for the set list. So he got it for me and I ran away with it grinning! (My third setlist. I also have one from Florence + The Machine and Christina Perri).

I bought the arm warmer gloves at the merch stand then wandered around outside the venue for a bit before driving home. They’d had a special VIP meet and greet so I doubted they’d be coming out to meet anyone after the show. 

Ultimatley it was an AMAZING show and I’m so happy I bought a last minute ticket to it. Worth every penny and worth going to work at 6am the next morning sore and tired.