Part of Luminous Wild was to make an Altar to yourself, honoring yourself and having tangible and visible portrayals of your dreams that you could take time every day to look at and focus on.

Part of the altar had to be my “Board of Directors” or my Six to Success- Who would I choose to go to for advice, inspiration, and creativity? Who do I want on my team?

So, all weekend, and all day today I visualized my altar. How would I make it? What would be on it? What would motivate, inspire, and help me…every day?

It all formed together in my mind and as soon as I got home I set to work, building my altar.





So who are my six to success and why these people?

  • Veronica Varlow: Because of her strength and beauty, and her unfaltering love. Every day she inspires and motivates me, and so many other people. And without her this Altar would not exist, this new person I am would not exist. My new dreams would not exist.
  • Contessa: As with Veronica, her strength and beauty. Her knowledge, her energy, her ability to inspire and teach with whatever she says. She is just as responsible for my growth into a new person as Veronica.
  • AnneMarie Lucas: She was my first role model and was he first strong and independant women to really inspire me and affect me. Her strength, compassion, and dedication has touched me since I was a little girl.
  • Crystal River: Because of it’s undeniable power, energy, strength, and magic. It’s simple but breathtaking beauty. It’s timeless wisdom. It’s influence in my life
  • Florence Welch: Her music has changed my life, and inspired me endlessly. She’s not afraid to be different, to be in her own world. She’s succesful, powerful, unique, and beautiful.
  • Jane Rizzoli: Strong women always inspire me and leave me striving to be better, to be stronger, to be more than I am. While she may not be a “real” person, she is real to me. She’s inspired me, she affected me, she’s influenced me.

While I’m surrounded by my six to success, I also draw inspiration from the rest of my altar:

  • My candle that I made at Luminous Wild
  • My skeleton key necklace, given to me during my first trip to New York by Veronica
  • The crystals I found in crystal river
  • A post card from New York
  • A key I got from New York, on my long journey
  • Lavendar, given to me by my Wifey
  • The picture Debra gave me of herself holding fire for the first time on the last day at Luminous Wild
  • A seashell I brought back from California, the last time I saw my Grandfather alive
  • Lavendar candles I made when I was a little girl
  • A card from the Air Force about Security Forces- the job that I want
  • A figurine of a cat, that looks similar to one of my cats and one of the most important tigns in my life
  • A Hawk feather I found
  • A group picture of my Tribe
  • The altar itself is a ceramic stand, given to me by my Great Grandmother, whom I have a special bond with
  • A match from lighting my candle in the circle
  • My vial of essential oils, from Contessa

Altar to a Goddess


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