A Passion of Fire

I am on fire.

Well, I was about an hour ago.

For the first time since October, at Luminous Wild I got to light up and fire dance again. I have been itching, craving, and needing to do so again, but obviously did not have the ability to in my small town. But Debra took me to the Floasis, which is now one of the most amazing places in the world to me, and I was finally able to dance with my flames again.


Tonight I was taught how to eat fire. I transfered fire between torches using my hand, and I lit my tongue on fire and then another torch off my tongue. I also shotgunned fire down my arm to light a torch. And then, or course, I ate it.



After this, I was finally able to hold fans again. Feeling them in my hands, holding them, made my heart race. It was just that feeling of pure perfection. That moment where I thought this is what I want in life. The fire doesn’t scare me, doesn’t unnerve me. It beckons me. Calls to me. It brings me to life. 

I played with the fans for a few moments and within seconds was able to spin them – something I’d never even attempted to do before. Then I lit up


It was as if the fire was coursing through my body. You’d assume it would be strange, having these extensions flickering with flames a few inches from you. But it felt natural. I felt like I was on fire in the best way possible.

After dancing with the 3 wicks, I moved on to the 5 wicks. Then once I went back to the 3 wicks I decided it was time to try spinning them while they were on fire. Despite my heart racing and the small voice in my head telling me I’d probably drop them and look like an idiot. Or catch myself on fire – I did it.

I spun them repeatedly, one side after the other, then both at once. It was exhilarating and fucking amazing.

But the temperature was dropping quickly, and it was getting late.

But this was what I needed, this feeling of being high on life. The reminder that my passion for fire burns as bright and strong as the fire I danced with. I’ve been blessed to be able to have a sample of my future this week. Living in the city, experiencing everything, dancing with fire, meeting amazing people.

This will be my life. 

And I’m all to excited for it. 



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