Arizona Bound


Wow, it’s been real. This time tomorrow I will be on my way to Arizona to officially begin my career. Of course, there’s still hurdles to jump through like all the On the Job training I have to get through- but I know I’ll be okay.

It’s terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I can literally take any path I want for myself to make myself into something. There’s so much I want to do, so much to accomplish. So many options. I’ll have my own suite, my own car (which I just bought. 10pts for being a financially stable adult), my job, and my own life. I’ll be alone- for the most part except a few people I met in tech school- and I’ll be on my own two feet.

So as a pre-Arizona post I figured I’d lay out some goals for myself – short term mainly

First off, I want to get my budget figured out. See how much I have to spend for me after car payments, insurance, savings, food, phone bills, retirement, and shit like that.

When I figure it out, I need to go get my safety briefing so I can do unnecessarily dangerous things

Once that’s done, I’m going to start going to the fire spinning/dance classes nearby. I scoped it out. Tucson has a huge fire dancing community

I’m going to fucking rock that shit and buy my own fans. Maybe even a staff.

I’m going to build myself some roots in Arizona, make friends, find places, make it a place I want to be. A place I’m happy to be.

I’m going to rock my OJT and become a rated Controller

I’m going to work out and lose my tech-school weight

And I’m going to be a fucking boss.

Yes. That covers it.

Arizona here I come


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