Letter a Day Challenge

So my mom was telling me this heartbreaking story of a man who wanted a divorce from his wife but didn’t know she was dying of cancer, and to make the long tearful story short- at the last minute he realized he still loved her, and she passed away while he was at work. So he’s telling people his story, trying to get them to let people know they need to tell their loved ones that they are loved and to show it.

So I’m challenging myself to write one letter a day to a person for the next 15 days (to start with) and I have to send it to them. So I’m setting some groundrules for myself:

Minimum 1 page

Must be sent within a week

Must be a heartfelt letter.

To expand on this though, I’m going to challenge myself to write my exes/ex friends letters as well, burying hatchets and moving on. Not becoming friends again, no, but moving past the bitterness.¬†

Lets see how this goes