Top 5 Reasons You Should Back Revolver’s Kickstarter


5. Because of the awesome prizes. Seriously, one of a kind, awesome crazy unique adventurous sexy-the list goes on- prizes are up for grabs. Get your hands on them.

4. Because this film is going to be badass. But more importantly this film is unlike any other, no big screen flair, no famous actors in expensive trailers, no crazy high budgets. This is a small budget big time opportunity. Make it happen.

3. Because Burke and Veronica are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They’re genuine people, real people just like you and me, that have big dreams that they created together. I’ve had the privilege of meeting them both and if you listen to the way they talk about Revolver you’d understand. They more than deserve this to be real, they’ve worked their assess off for it.

2. Because this is inspiring. I’m not talking about the film, I’m talking about the story leading up to the film. Watching this go from an idea, a mere dream-to reality, has been eye opening. As I’ve watched the numbers go from 0 to over 37k in a matter of days, I’ve realized anything IS possible if you attempt it and give it your best. Revolver the movie may be a film about a romance in exile, but Revolver the making of is a story about dreams becoming reality and people coming together.

1. Because you have the power to make someone’s dreams come true. Literaly every dollar helps this get one step closer to reality. And when this film is funded and the cameras are rolling, it will be because YOU contributed to it. You have a direct part in making this real, making dreams come true, and being part of something bigger than all of us. So why not? Dig in your pocket, your piggy bank, your extra money, and your heart. Pull a little out, Revolver needs YOU.